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Team Suzuki Press Office – November 29.

To coincide with the launch of nine new exciting production machines from Suzuki Motor Corporation for 2017, three Team SUZUKI ECSTAR friends and colleagues undertook a memorable road-trip aboard three of the popular SV650As in between two MotoGP™ races during the Summer months.

Team Press Officer Federico Tondelli teamed-up with Data Engineer Elvio Deganello and Mechanic Jacques Roca for a fun adventure and bike test, riding from the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria to the Brno circuit in the Czech Republic and documented everything in a series of three videos.

The Team:

Elvio Deganello - 40 years old, Data Engineer.

“I really enjoyed the trip with my colleagues. It’s good for socialising and team-building, and it’s good fun. The SV650 is an easy, lightweight motorbike that is fun to ride.”

Jacques Roca - 34 years old, Team Mechanic.

“Suzuki is a passion for me and it has been since I was a child as my father used to work here. It’s the brand I like best. Riding the SV650 has been a pleasant surprise. It is a very light and flexible motorbike. It is the ideal motorbike.”

Federico Tondelli - 38 years old, Press Officer.

“The first word that comes to mind when I think of the Suzuki team is pride. Pride of being part of it. I like the way the SV650 performs on the road. It’s compact, agile and lightweight. It turned out to be a winning choice.”

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